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Type of Business: Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Employees: 59
Year Established: 2001
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011, ISO 14000/14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001
Annual Sales Volume: $1M to $5M
Export Percentage: 41-60%
Annual Purchasing Volume: $25M to $74M
Contract Manufacturing: OEM Services, ODM Services, Buyer Labels Offered
Ownership Type: Sole Proprietorship
Registered Capital: $101,000 to $250,000
Harmonized System Codes: 0801 1001 1701 2101 SC58

Business Message

The International TIEXPO is the only exhibition approved by the government authorities in this industry. It is hosted by the Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, strongly supported by authorities such as the Nonferrous Metals Society of China, and exclusively organized by Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Donna Lee
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Mob : +86-183 1120 8242 Email:

TIEXPO covers the whole Ti industry chain, trade, investment and financing fields. Over the past years, TIEXPO has powerfully facilitated the wide application of Ti materials in fields such as aerospace, shipping, chemical engineering, military industry, equipment manufacturing, and continuously driven the production technology of Ti industry to a renewed and higher level since it was held for the first time. At present, TIEXPO is one of the most popular exhibitions in Ti industry, and also the largest professional exhibition in China.

The 11th International TIEXPO has attracted quite some globally well-noted Ti enterprises such as TIMET TITANIUM METALS CORPORATION, KV-TITAN LLC, TIMESAVERS INTERNATIONAL B.V. , BaoTi Group, Pangang Group and etc.

Among the above exhibitors:

BaoTi Group is the largest Ti-product manufacturer in China
TIMET supplies nearly one-fifth of the world's titanium
KV-TITAN is the supplier of VSMPO-AVISMA
On behalf of China Titanium Association, I sincerely and cordially invite you to attend this exciting event:

Time: September 18-20, 2018

Venue: New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing

Exhibitors’ industries
Ti materials (alloy) 77.8%
Raw materials 9.3%
Smelting equipment 5.2%
Processing machinery 4.8%
Scientific research institutions 2.5%
Others 0.4%

Purchasers' industries
Aviation/Spaceflight 13.91%
Petroleum and Petrochemical/ Chemical 10.23%
Naval Construction/ Oceaneering 10.02%
Electricity/ Energy 9.22%
Nuke Industry/ Power Station 8.23%
Military Industry 7.62%
Medical Devices 6.34%
Construction 7.6%
Metallurgy 5.01%
Vehicle Manufacturing 2.57%
Sports Apparatus 2.02%
Pharmacy 1.24%
Weaving/ Civil Use 6.77%

Concurrent activities
In 2018, the 3rd Chinese & Foreign Titanium Industry Market Development and Products Application Forum will be held at the same time with TIEXPO. Leaders of related government departments, leaders of key enterprises, experts and scholars in related industries, senior managers and technical backbones will be specially invited for this occasion. This forum aims to create the world-leading Ti industry chain exchange and trade platform, promote deep development of Ti-related industries and contribute to development of the nationally strategic rising industries and “MADE IN CHINA”.

Exhibition advantages

Unique in Ti-related industries
China International TIEXPO is the only exhibition approved by the government authorities in nonferrous metal industry.

Professional support from authoritative institutions
The Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and the Nonferrous Metals Society of China are professional and authoritative institutions in nonferrous industry, have rich industrial resources and innovative development teams, and provide comprehensive project solutions and consulting services for this industry in the long term.

Covering the full industry chain
Capable to interact in the full industry chain. Product application covers fields such as aerospace, petrochemical engineering, chemical industry, shipping, oceaneering, electricity, energy, nuclear power, military industry, medical devices, construction, metallurgy, vehicles, sports apparatus, pharmacy, weaving and civil use.

World-leading Ti industry chain exchange and trade platform
China International TIEXPO has been successfully held for 10 years, and aims to facilitate deep dev


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